CorticalCafe Sparse File Copier

Having created an electronic picture frame, I was stuck with the task of sorting through thousands of digital pictures to decide which ones were suitable for display. Manually examining such a large quantity of pictures is nearly impossible, but decimating the set, and then manually examining the subset for unsuitable pictures proves a much more workable solution.

This program will select and copy a subset of files from one directory to another while informing you of the required space. You can choose an even distribution or a random distribution. Adjust the slider to determine how many files are copied. Choosing a large number of files using the random distribution may take a while due to a simplistic algorithm.

Run this program by double clicking on it or from the command line using the syntax
    java -jar RandomCopier.jar

The source code is released under the GPL and can be found here.

Write me if you find this program useful. Link to this page if you find it relevant..

This program is provided without any warranty and may not be suitable for any purpose at all.