This is a LiveCD with a number of 3D games.  This makes it easy to launch and play games for individual or team play.  To use, just
boot and launch games undder the "Fun" menu item, or use any of the other normal PuppyLinux features.

Download the current Puplet3Dgamer liveCD:

Which is based on Precise Puppy 5.7.1 with the following games:

  • neverball
  • neverputt
  • extremetuxracer
  • supertuxkart
  • tremulous
  • scorch3d
  • minetest
  • brutalchess
  • blobandconquer
  • trigger-rally (with trigger rally data)
  • briquolo
  • balazar brothers
  • gltron
  • gnubik
  • trackballs
  • chocolate-doom (w/ doom-shareware-wad)
  • assaultcube
  • mandelbulber

If you like this distro, let me know it's useful.

By the way. If you find these programs of value, take a minute to consider to understand and support the concept of Free Software. Without your awareness and support, the day is nearing when software patents will force these projects to be taken down under threat of litigation.