The Online-Pictureframe

With the price of computers and network connections coming down each day, I wanted to create a simple web-page that would refresh daily with a new art masterpiece.  When our TV is idle (which is most of the time), the online-pictureframe is loaded and displaying some great piece of artwork.

The Online-Pictureframe is a large collection of images that rotates daily.  It will load a new and beautiful image several time a day.  There are no ads, no text, and the cursor will disappear.  In short, your computer screen will resemble a pictureframe which refreshes to a new high-quality image many times a day.  The images are hand selected, and are in the public domain or used with a creative commons license.

The following pictureframe channels are available:

:  Press F11 after opening the pictureframe to maximize your screen and hide frames and tabs.  (Press F11 again to restore the window frame)

Please email me if there's a problem (eg, pictures are not refreshing), you have a question, or you want to contribute images.