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Corticalcafe Printmaker Help:

Card type / Paper size

This program can make standard four-fold cards and full-page posters or signs.  Select your project type and also the paper size for output.  Most of the world uses A4 size paper, however, letter size paper is popular within the USA.  

Border selection

Choose "browse" to select a border from the online gallery.  You may also "upload" one of your own.  Note that whatever border is selected will be resized to fit your page.  Most four-fold cards will only have a border on the first page.

Image selection / Image size / Image justify / Image position

Choose "browse" to select an image from among the thousands in the online gallery.  Don't overlook the directories on the left margin, and the multiple pages which frequently are available on the top right corner.  You can also "upload" your own picture to make a really unique work.  Use the additional controls to select the size and location for your image placement.

Message / Font / Text size / Text justify / Text position

Use the "quick message" option to quickly add some text, or edit your message to say anything you want.  You can have text on multiple lines, and you can use spaces to center or justify text.  Select a font, size, and choose the placement of your text.  If the text on your work runs off the page, then divide it into multiple lines or choose a smaller font.

Edit / New / Display

Press "display" to see your card.  If it looks good, you can use use the "print" menu item of your browser to print it.  If you don't like the way your card appears, press the "edit" button and just change the options you want.  Pressing "new" will clear all data, and restart a new work.


Here are some quick pointers for using this program:
  • Before printing set all your margins to zero and remove headers and footers.  In Firefox, use the "page setup" menu option to set margins to "0.0" and change headers and footers to "blank".  In the Internet explorer, erase the the header string (the default is "&w&bPage &p of &P"), erase the footers string (the default is "&u&b&d"), and change margins to "0.0".
  • Check the output using the browser's "print preview" before printing.  If you don't like what you see, click the "edit" button and change things.
  • If you have both a graphic and text on the same page, you probably want them to be placed at different positions (e.g., image=top, text=bottom) so that they don't overlap.
  • You may find that trimming the edge(s) of your card with scissors or a papercutter (after folding) is the easiest way to make things look good.
  • Borders which go to the edge of the page may be cut off.  If this happens, try using a border which doesn't go right to the edge.
  • The printout is optimized for 100% scale (no enlargement or reduction in size).  But due to differences in hardware, you might find that the "shrink to fit" option on your print dialog helps format the output.  In this case, a papercutter to trim the edges may be helpful.  
  • There are several thousand images in the gallery even though you only see a handful at a time.  Don't overlook the directories on the left margin, and the multiple pages which frequently are available on the top right corner.

About the CorticalCafe PrintMaker

I've always thought that a simple web-based program to make cards and signs would be useful.  But after years of web browsing, I never found one that I liked, so I designed my own.    I think the output is decent, but you can decide for yourself.  And since I like browsing a free web, it's only fair that I make this freely available to anyone.  Please tell me if you have suggestions or problems.  Happy printing, and please remember to recycle.

Previous / Next / Preview

Use these buttons to navigate between pages.  The Preview button will open a new window with a preview of your card.  If things don't look the way you want, edit the card and try again.  You may need to unblock popup windows in your browser so that the preview window can open.


This service is supplied without any warranty whatsoever.  Use it at your own risk.  But please tell me if it gives you insight to the meaning of life...