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Version History:
20020225 - v1.1 initial release, SW 2.x
20020218 - v1.2 Linear fit contributed by Samantha Lane, slight mods, includes SW 3.4

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( Released under the GPL)

Thanks for looking at Track2PlotIt. This PDA program allows you to record virtually any type of data for quick visual inspection of trends. Track2PlotIt supports multiple databases and gives you the the ability to export data to other programs. Automatic scaling ensures that your data is presented appropriately. Track2PlotIt can simultaneously track any number of activities and handles both integer and floating point data.

This program can help you answer many questions which may have passed through your mind including:

  • How does my credit card bill compare against previous bills?
  • How do I track the progress of my diet and weight loss programs?
  • Is my antidepressant medication working?
  • How is my bank account doing?
  • Are my grades improving?
  • Did my water bill increase?
  • Is weightlifting making me stronger?
  • Should I sell my stocks?
  • Is my insulin requirement increasing?

Ever wish that you could see a plot of your last year's phone bills? How about a chart of your arthritis pain? Want to see if you are spending too much time watching TV? Now you can easily graph and examine this data or any other type that you care to record. Data entry may be accomplished with as little as two pen clicks. Multiple databases may be created and managed with a minimum of effort. Data can also be exported to the memopad in CSV format for use in external programs.

Give this program a try, and you are sure to find many uses beyond what is described here.

Main GUI features and program use
Database indicator - Indicates the current database, or creates a new database.
Data Tab - Contains your data and the data entry interface.
Graph Tab - Displays a scaled graph of your habits.
Data Table - A display of your data (date, total time, itemized times).
Numeric Keypad - Use this number pad to enter data values.
Data Entry Box - Data may be entered here using graffiti, if desired.
Comment Entry Box - Optional comments may be entered here using graffiti.
Enter Button - This button accepts the value, date, and comments to the database.
Date Button - This button changes the date to be recorded. You usually won't need to use this since the current date is set by default.
Delete Button - This deletes a selected datapoint from the date window.

From the MenuBar
Delete Database - Deletes the current database.
Export - Export your data to the memopad for editing or use in an external program.
Import - Import data. Use this after creating a blank database with the same name of the memo you wish to import.
Exit - Leave the program.
Register - Show your suport for this product.
- General program information.

The following example describe program operation:

  1. Launch the Program
  2. Press the New Database button to create a new database
  3. Enter a name which describes the data, for example, PhoneBill
  4. Enter the value 52 on the keypad
  5. Press the Enter button

It's that simple. You have recorded your data. Simply do this when a bill comes in and you can easily track your expenses. After you have 2 data points, press the Graph tab to see a plot of your data. If you have comments regarding a particular bill, enter them in the Comment Entry Box.

You must have SuperWaba installed on your PDA for this program to execute.  Executables for SuperWaba v2.2 are included and should be hotsync'd to your PDA:

  • SuperWaba.prc
  • SWNatives.prc
  • SuperWaba.pdb

The Track2PlotIt program is contained in the following files which must also be loaded on your PDA:

  • Track2PlotIt.prc
  • Track2PlotIt.pdb

Once the above programs are loaded, just run Track2PlotIt like any other PDA program.


  • The progam autoscales the Y axis. For convenience, you may wish to force the display to a scale range by entering a dummy datapoint. For example, if your data is in the range 132-396, you can force the Y-scale to 0-400 simply by entering two dummy data points: One which is 0 and the other which is 400.
  • For subjective data, such as your mood, or arthritis pain, use a scale of 1-10. This will enable you to enter data with just 2 penclicks.
  • Data entered for the same date is cumulative: the new value is added to the existing one, and the new comment is appended to the existing one.
  • To change a value entirely, delete the data for that point and create another value for that date.
  • To change or delete many values you may want to export your data, edit it, and then re-import it.
  • Remember that values entered for the same date are cumulative.
  • Before you import data, try exporting a database. This will allow you to see the format of Track2PlotIt data in the memopad.
  • Display precision increases as necessary. Decimal places will be displayed as needed, though you can force their display be entering a dummy data value with the desired numer of decimal places (eg, 3.14 forces 2 decimal places to be displayed).

Remove Track2PlotIt by using the "delete" option from the launcher. All related datafiles will also be removed. Delete SuperWaba the same way.

Much thanks to those who have provided food for thought regarding this project. Special thanks, also, to Guilherme Hazan for excellent help with SuperWaba.

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And finally, you should know that this program is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind.  Although you may find this program useful and/or entertaining, there is no guarantee of fitness for any purpose whatsoever.  The entire risk of quality and performance is with you.