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Track has been superceeded by newer programs on this site, but you can still download the original Track program if you wish.

"Track" is a generic logging and charting program for the Palm PDA. Although the concept is simple, it did not reach fruition until after multiple discussions with a good friend who is a physician at the University of Penn, Dr. Pat Lariccia. We both strongly believe that inexpensive and ubiquitous information technology should be used much more heavily in medical management. This applies to almost all aspects of the practice of medicine, from glucose measurements in diabetic patients to daily pain evaluation in patients undergoing accupuncture.

Using Track, virtually any type of data may be easily recorded for quick visual inspection of trends. Track supports multiple databases and the ability to export data to other programs. Automatic scaling ensures that your data is presented appropriately. This program will help you answer many questions which may have passed through your mind including:

  • How does my credit card bill compare against previous bills?
  • How do I track the progress of my diet and weight loss programs?
  • Is my antidepressant medication working?
  • How is my bank account doing?
  • Are my grades improving?
  • Did my water bill increase?
  • Is weightlifting making me stronger?
  • Should I sell my stocks?
  • Is my insulin requirement increasing?
  • How can I track my commute times?

Ever wish that you could see a plot of your last year's phone bills? How about a chart of your arthritis pain? Want to see if you are spending too much time watching TV? Now you can easily graph and examine this data or any other type that you care to record. Data entry may be accomplished with as little as two pen clicks. Multiple databases may be created and managed with a minimum of effort. Data can also be exported to the memopad in CSV format for use in a spreadsheet or database.

Give this program a try, and you are sure to find many uses beyond what is described here.

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