Anatomy Hangman

Anatomy Hangman
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The sourcecode to this program is now released under the GPL! Enjoy!

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Thanks for looking at Anatomy Hangman. This PDA program will help you learn human anatomy while you play the classic game of hangman. Guess the word or face the gallows! Humorous animations accompany your gameplay. Ideal for medical students and others, the game features hundreds of words at an appropriate level of detail for medical education in the following catagories:

  • Arteries
  • Bones
  • Brain
  • Muscles
  • Soft Tissue Structures

    Each catagory provides word selections appropriate for students in medicine or anthropology while avoiding obscure structures. Catagories may be selected individually or in combinations to accomodate study by system.

    Bone up on your anatomy today!

    Main GUI features and program use
    Hangman Graphic - Displays the status of the current hangman including animations.
    Word Status - Displays the status of the word you are currently guessing.
    Letter Pad - Use this pad to guess new letters. As a letter is guessed, it will disappear from the pad. After a game, tap any letterpad to start the next game. You may also tap the letterpad to terminate an animation.

    From the MenuBar
    Exit - Leave the program.
    Animations - Toggles whether animations are displayed
    Anatomy Catagories - Toggles whether a particular anatomy system may be used for the next game. Words are available in the following catagories:

    • Arteries
    • Bones
    • Brain
    • Muscles
    • Soft Tissue Structures

    About - General program information.
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    You must have SuperWaba installed on your PDA for this program to execute.  Executables for SuperWaba v2.2 are included and should be hotsync'd to your PDA:

    • SuperWaba.prc
    • SWNatives.prc
    • SuperWaba.pdb

    Anatomy Hagman is contained in the following files which must also be loaded on your PDA:

    • Anat_HMan.prc
    • Anat_HMan.pdb
    • Hng_Anat_w1.pdb
    • Hng_Anat_w2.pdb
    • Hng_Anat_w3.pdb
    • Hng_Anat_w4.pdb
    • Hng_Anat_w5.pdb

    Once the above programs are loaded, just run Anatomy Hangman like any other PDA program.


    • Words in the "Arteries" catagory do not include the word "artery". For example, you will need to guess "exteral iliac" instead of "external iliac artery". For this reason, it may be easier to play this catagory by itself.
    • Toggling an anatomy system does not affect the current game, it affects the next game.

    Remove Anatomy Hangman by using the "delete" option from the launcher. All related datafiles will also be removed. Delete SuperWaba the same way.

    Much thanks to those who have provided food for thought regarding this project. Special thanks, also, to Guilherme Hazan for excellent help with SuperWaba.

    This program is free.
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    And finally, you should know that this program is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind.  Although you may find this program useful and/or entertaining, there is no guarantee of fitness for any purpose whatsoever.  The entire risk of quality and performance is with you.